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My Bio

Divina I grew up Balitmore in a rich Irish-Italian atmosphere. I got my sense of humor from my dad, who in addition to being really funny, was a talented musician and singer. I started off my life in the public eye at about the age of 4, on shows such as Romper Room and Jack Wells. What can I say? I have always loved theatre and glamour. I later went on to work as a Magician's Assistant, model, actor, comedy writer, dancer, comedian, and co-host of various TV show segments. In addition, I have been part owner of some East Coast bars and restaurants--which made me realize that we never really leave the child behind!

I also dearly love my country. (Could you tell from my red, white, and blue theme?) I began working USO shows and visiting troops here and abroad in 1984 and have continued since then to take every opportunity I can to visit our veterans.

I've seen ghosts since I was 3 years old. For many years, I avoided this side of myself, afraid of these scary spirits and the stigma of being different. However, in recent years, I've grown more interested in the paranormal. Having had some loved ones cross over, I've learned the value of that connection. Once they have gone to the light, they know the truth and can change for the better. I like being able to help them do that.

Work Experience

  • Child Actor on a variety of shows.

  • Magician's Assistant with Mark Allen & Company (1978-1979).

  • Ballroom Dance Instructor and Performer for 35 years.

  • Beauty Contestant

  • Catwalk & Printwork Model.

  • E-Z Wider and Joker Spokesperson and Model for the Racing Team (1984-1989), including acting in a music video for them.

  • Baccardi Girl

  • Absolut Vodka Girl.

  • Coors Light Model.

  • Star of a Crack the Sky video for a song called "Skin Diver" in 1982.

  • St. Pauli Girl for 10 years (1989-1999).

  • Hurstett for Hurst Shiffter Racing (1974-1978).

  • Penthouse Pet (1980-1998) - cover and centerfold 1982; Best of Penthouse 1984.

  • Countless radio, print, and TV interviews in the United States and abroad over the years, including Howard Stern, The Grease Man, Larry King, Maury Povitch, Geraldo, Donahue, and Comedy Tonight, People are Talking with Oprah Winfrey.

  • Comedy Improv on Fox's Comedy Tonight, plus a host of radio shows and comedy clubs located in L.A., D.C., Balitimore, and New Jersey.

  • Comedy writing and performance on advertising segments and skits for numerous radio and TV shows, including Evening Magazine.

  • Co-host for a Jerry Springer show in the 1990s and multiple local Baltimore-area shows.


  • Little Miss America - age 4

  • Queen of Poppies - age 5 (Veteran's Administration)

  • Baltimore's Best Legs March 1980.

  • Penthouse Pet of the Month - February 1982

  • Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner Up 1983

  • Ms. Maryland 1998

  • Voted Most Photogenic at Ms. America Contest (representing Maryland) in 1998

  • Certificate of Bravery


  • TBA